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“Angus cardiac group is doing an excellent job in the Angus area helping those with a long term condition. The group provides peer support and raises funds, through various activities, to improve the provision of cardiac support in the local area. They are also a leading proponent of the benefits of physical activity as a tool for living better with any long term condition”.

Nigel Don, MSP

“I am really pleased to see an Angus “Success” in such an important field being showcased at the Scottish Parliament”.

Graeme Dey, MSP

“Do what you enjoy doing but just do something”. 

Alex Salmond, First Minister, Scottish Parliamemt

“As one of our affiliated groups, Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland is extremely proud of Angus Cardiac Group’s achievements. Having worked in partnership with ACG on a number of projects over the years, we are equally proud of their success in becoming one of the key players in supporting people who live with long-term conditions and delighted that their hard work. and enthusiasm is recognised at both local and national levels ”

Nicola Cotter, Voices Scotland Lead, Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland

” As an exercise instructor, it is a real pleasure  and great fun to be involved in teaching classes. I see physical, mental, and social benefits to participants and it has been great to see class numbers increase as more people make a positive decision to improve their health and well- being through physical activity.”

Linda Brown, Exercise Instructor

“The work of the Angus Cardiac Group is an excellent example of how it is possible to put the patient in the driving seat in a systematic approach to improvement of a long term condition through exercise.

The fact that the Group recently won the LTCAS Self Management Partnership of the Year and Gordon Snedden, chairman of the Group, won the Self Management Champion of the Year is testimony to the success of the approach, and I hope this will generate further interest on the part of individuals and other groups”.

Mr Sandy Watson OBE DL, Chairman, NHS Tayside Board

“The members of Angus Cardiac Group are all people who have been affected, in some way, by cardiac disease. They have supported each other to learn and develop their self-confidence, helping them to live better with a long-term health condition. It has been a pleasure, as an NHS employee and as a member of the Group, to be involved in the Group’s ‘Activity Programme for People with a Long-term Condition’ and I am proud to consider all members as my friends”.

Karen Fletcher CHD/Stroke Prevention Co-ordinator Angus CHP

” Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness”

Gail Smith Clinical Services Development Manager Angus Community Health Partnership

“About the only form of exercise class for elderly with disabilities”


“Joining the exercise programme  has really helped my husband, both mentally & physically, and myself, to deal with his condition.”


“Thanks to the work and commitment of a number of individuals and organisations across Angus, we are very fortunate to have a wide range of exercise opportunities available, many of which are specifically geared towards those living with long term conditions and/or age related frailty. This ranges from walking projects to chair based exercise to rehabilitation programmes aimed at people living with specific conditions.

There is a wealth of research available that shows that exercise is good for your physical health and your mental health.  

This along with the support, information and friendship available through the Angus Cardiac Group, has helped a large number of people across Angus to get back in control of their lives. You can do it too!”

Rhona Guild,  Primary Care Manager, Angus Community Health Partnership

“Since joining the Angus Cardiac Group sessions I have been able to stop taking my medicine for depression and I really feel more confident as a result.”


People of all ages and abilities can improve their health and wellbeing by being active on a regular basis. Regular physical activity can reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. It will help reduce high blood pressure and promotes psychological wellbeing and good sleep. In fact, regular physical activity is a must to keep people feeling better, looking better, and more able to cope with the effects of living with a long term condition.

Freda Stewart, Health Improvement Partnership Manager, Angus Community Health Partnership

 “It is challenging and helps me try that little bit further.  Group exercise is much better than alone.  The Instructor is excellent, helpful, caring, etc”


“Seeing the enjoyment on participants faces.  Having everyone socially enjoying the occasion”


 “Somewhere, sometime, my helping may help someone to help someone else”


“Seeing the enjoyment on participants  faces. Having everyone socially enjoying the occasion.”


 “You don’t know what depression is like until you have experienced it yourself”