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1.         TITLE

            The Group shall be called the ANGUS CARDIAC GROUP ‘Get Up & Go’.  Hereafter referred to as the ‘Group’.

2.         AIMS

2.1       The Group shall be a non-profit making group with the following aims:

2.1.1     To offer support to members with heart problems, or any other long-term condition, and their carers, family and friends to aid rehabilitation and contribute to an increased quality of life.

2.1.2     To arrange social events.

2.1.3     To raise funds to promote the prevention of cardiac and any other long term condition and to support the members and cardiac care and rehabilitation in Angus.

2.1.4     To maintain contact with medical professionals.

2.1.5     To actively promote the Group, seek new members and maintain membership across Angus.

2.1.6     To be active partners in the design and delivery of local cardiac services.

2.1.7     To seek, with other partners, funds to establish and/or maintain local cardiac services.

3.           MEMBERSHIP

3.1         Membership of the Group is open to persons with heart disease, or any other long term condition,  their carers, family and friends and other persons wishing to support the aims and activities of the group.

3.2         Membership of the Group shall be reviewed annually and shall be regulated at the discretion of the Committee.

3.3         Members may decide to form local branches as part of the Group and shall adhere to this Constitution.

3.4         Members shall exercise self-discipline in respect of the extent or degree of any physical activity that they take part in.  The individual must exercise their own judgement and curtail or cease any activity that is likely to cause discomfort or injury to their health.

3.5         Members must carry out their activities whether singly or as members of a group in such a way as not to cause discomfort or injury to other members or to bring the Group into disrepute.

3.6         Member’s conduct, and the rules of behaviour, shall be extended to all activities arranged for and on behalf of the Group, even though these may take place away from the normal venue.

3.7         Members wishing to question the activities of the Committee shall inform the Secretary.  The Secretary is then responsible for bringing the matter to the attention of the Committee and thereafter conveying to the member(s) the Committee’s decision.

3.8         Members wishing to resign their membership of the Group are requested to notify the Secretary in writing.

4.            COMMITTEE

4.1         A Committee shall manage the Group and shall be representative of all established branches of the Group.

4.2         The Committee shall consist of a Chairperson, Vice-Chairpersons (one per branch), Secretary, Treasurer and a minimum of two ordinary Committee members per branch.  Members of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Team and the Phase 4 exercise staff should be encouraged to join the Committee.

4.3         All established branches may make nominations for vacancies of the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

4.4         Branches may put forward nominations for a post of Vice-Chairperson and for the posts of at least two ordinary Committee members to represent their branch.

4.5         All Committee members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for a period of two years and shall be eligible for re-election thereafter.  Nominations should be received 14 days prior to the AGM.  The Committee may decline any nominations received after this time.

4.6         In the event of a vacancy occurring in the Committee before the end of the term of office, the remaining Committee members shall have at their discretion the power to co-opt another member to fill the position.

4.7         The Committee shall determine all general matters for the administration of the Group at Committee Meetings, at which a quorum shall be five.  Two of the five must be Office Bearers.

4.8         In the event of a tied vote at a Committee Meeting, the Chairperson shall have the casting vote.  In the absence of the Chairperson, the chair of the meeting shall have the casting vote.

4.9         The Chairperson shall, with the agreement of the Committee, allocate tasks and responsibilities necessary for the efficient running of the Group.

4.10      The Committee shall co-opt other members of the Group to the Committee to carry out specific tasks or for specific periods of time depending on the needs of the Committee.

5.            MEETINGS

5.1         Committee Meetings shall take place quarterly at a time, date and venue determined by the Committee.

5.2         Meetings of members shall be held as agreed by the Committee.

5.3         The AGM shall be held at a suitable time within 30 days from 1 September each year for the purpose of holding elections to offices and receiving from the outgoing committee a report and statement of accounts for the previous financial year.  The Committee shall give 21 days notice to the members of such meetings.

5.4         Extraordinary General Meetings shall be called at any time by the Committee on giving 21 days notice to the members of the items to be discussed or by any 7 members of the group by giving 28 days notice to the Secretary in writing of their intention to call a meeting, stating the items to be discussed.

5.5         A quorum for a General Meeting shall be a minimum of 20 members.  Each branch should be represented.

6.         FINANCES

6.1       The financial year shall run to 30 July.

6.2       The Committee shall determine Group fees and review these annually.

6.3         The Committee, through the Treasurer, shall be responsible for all monies that are deemed to be the property of the Group or are handled in relation to the Group’s activities.

6.4         A Bank Account(s), in the name of ANGUS CARDIAC GROUP ‘Get Up & Go’, shall be maintained by the Group into which all monies received on behalf of Group will be paid and from which all payments will be made.  Two Office Bearers, agreed by the Committee, one of the two being the Treasurer, will sign all cheques paid out on such account(s).

6.5         Proper accounts shall be kept of all income and expenditure of the Group.  These shall be open at all reasonable times for inspection by any member.

6.6         The Treasurer shall produce an externally audited balance sheet 21 days before the Annual General Meeting,

6.7         The funds and assets of the Group shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the aims and activities of the Group and only with the prior agreement of the Committee. 

6.8         The Treasurer shall maintain an up-to-date register of the assets of the Group, which should be reviewed annually.

6.9         The Group, along with other partners, may seek to raise funds in the form of a grant or donation or from a fund-raising event to establish and/or maintain local cardiac services.  The Group will not seek to obtain a loan of any kind from any source.

7.         AFFILIATION

7.1       The Group will be affiliated to the Chest, Heart and Stroke Association unless otherwise decided at a General Meeting of members.


8.1       The Committee will ensure public liability insurance cover is in force for all of the group’s events and activities.

9.           DISSOLUTION

9.1       A Special Resolution is required to dissolve the Group (see 9.2 below).  Any

outstanding debt will be borne equally by each member.  Surplus assets will be distributed in such a manner as may be determined by the Committee, in office at the date of passing such a Resolution, to benefit cardiac care and rehabilitation in the Angus area.

9.2       Twenty-eight days notice of a General Meeting at which a Special Resolution is to

be proposed shall be given and must specify the intention of such a Special Resolution.  A majority of not less than two thirds of the members voting at the meeting is required to pass such a Special Resolution.

10.           CONSTITUTION

10.1       This document shall be called The Constitution of the ANGUS CARDIAC GROUP

‘Get Up & Go’ and each member shall be entitled to a copy.

10.2        Any member disregarding the conditions set out in this Constitution shall be subject

to disciplinary action by the Committee.

10.3        The Constitution shall not be altered in any way other than with the agreement of

the members at a General Meeting.

10.4        The Constitution shall supersede any former rules of the Group that were in force

prior to the acceptance of the Constitution by a majority of the members at a

General Meeting.

15 September 1993

(Revised 27 September 1995)

(Revised 3 October 2002)

(Revised 20 September 2007)

(Revised 5 September 2013)