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Welcome to Angus Cardiac Group


Angus Cardiac Group is a patient led support group which was established in 1992 with a view to supporting cardiac care and rehabilitation in Angus through member support, social contact, fundraising, partnership working with health professionals and the local authority, and the promotion of patient involvement with the NHS. Membership is not confined to those with coronary heart disease but is open to partners, carers and family members of those with cardiac disease.

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About Us

The purpose of the Group is to support cardiac care and rehabilitation in Angus by:

  • Supporting Group members
  • Facilitating social contact
  • Raising funds to support the activities of the Group
  • Working in partnership with health professionals and others
  • Promoting patient and public involvement with the health service
  • Actively seeking new member

Angus Cardiac Group is open to:

  • People with coronary heart/cardiac disease
  • Partners, carers and family of those with cardiac disease
  • Involved health professionals
  • Any person interested in the aims and activities of the Group
  • Anyone with any other long term condition

Current membership of Angus Cardiac Group consists of all of the above.